Belly dancers

What is Belly Dance?


Belly dance is the western name for Raqs Sharki a type of middle eastern dance.  It is a dance that is traditionally solo form and is improved with the name it referring to the torso isolations. 


When your hips are moving, you have a natural shimmy to your midsection refers to the western called name. Every region in the middle east has different look to the dance and costumes can vary in style.  The dance has boomed in the 2000s and has grown to global portions of popularity for fitness and as an art.


Bellydance, also known as Raqs Sharqi (Dance of the East) or Oriental/Oryantal Dance is done in the MENAHT Region (Middle East, North Africa, Hellas (Greece) and Turkey.  It is a dance that typically involves hip movements and undulations.


Bellydance is a much more diverse and inclusive dance than you may think!  People of all ages, colors, religions and walks of life dance Bellydance. The most recognizable styles are Egyptian, Lebanese and Turkish Styles along with the westernized styles such as Transnational (Tribal) & ATS (American Tribal Style). 


Belly Dance as we know it gained its popularity in the early 1900’s in the cabarets of Cairo such as Badia Masabni’s Casino Opera. Some of the most well-known dancers of the time were Taheya Karioka and Samia Gamal and later Suheir Zaki, Fifi Abdo and Nagwa Fouad.  These dancers also became famous in the movies of the time.  From Lebanon, dancers such as Nadia Gamal and Amani as well as Turkish dancers Nesrin Topkapi and Princess Banu are legends of the dance.


Belly Dancers are perform for at any special occasion including weddings, birthday parties, haflas, hookah lounges, bachelorette parties, conventions, Muslim weddings, and more. Belly Dancers perform at weddings, birthdays, hookah bars, restaurants, conventions, private parties, and events throughout the year.


What is the purpose of a belly dancer at a wedding?


A belly dancer can mingle effortlessly with your guests and help build excitement for the more traditional wedding dancing to come. If you're worried that a belly dancer might be too outré for some of your older or more traditional guests, you could hire a dancer for the after-party.


Should You Hire a Bellydancer for Weddings?


Many brides looking for unique wedding reception ideas are finding Belly dance to be a great option! ... A show by a solo dancer or a bellydance group at the end of dinner is a great way to provide entertainment as well as energy and motivation to get your guests up for the dancing and party portion of the evening.


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